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8 reasons to choose R & L

When working in the brokerage services market, we are always sensitive to any opinion on our work from existing or potential customers, partners and even competitors.
In our market, as in no other matter, business reputation and public opinion – have a matter. That is why we have formulated 8 of the most important reasons that distinguish us in the market:

1. Focus on long-term cooperation – 90% of our customers continue our cooperation after the first year of cooperation. According to one of our clients: “Once using your services, it is already difficult to refuse you in the future.”
2. We accompany insurance contracts throughout their term.
This means that we do not leave you face to face with the insurance company immediately after signing the contract.
Providing you with a quality level of insurance service is our responsibility.
3. We can switch all communications with the insurance company to our account manager. We recommend that you do this.
In this case, you no longer depend on the qualifications and mood of the manager of a particular insurance company. Wherever you are insured in the future, the level of service provided by our customer support sector will be equally high.
4. Any information on all types of insurance will be available to you according to the “single window” principle. Due to the fact that there are no universal insurance companies in the Ukrainian market,
in which it would be equally well developed it is almost always more profitable to place different types of insurance of one Client in different syrach companies. At the same time, you, as a client, continue to communicate with your only escort manager.
It is convenient, as our customers note.
5. We know the capabilities of various insurance companies and can offer an effective solution to a non-standard situation. Sometimes the answer “no” does not mean at all that it is “impossible”.
You just have to try the other way.
6. We know the tax laws in relation to insurance payments and can act as consultants for your financial department or accountant.
This issue is especially acute for life insurance and corporate pension contracts.
7. We know and are able to apply various types of insurance to increase the effectiveness of the motivational policy of our Client (VHI, life insurance, endowment and pension insurance).
With the help of our knowledge and experience, you will be able to implement the best market experience in your company, effectively distribute the insurance budget and differ favorably from competitors.
8. We serve more than 100 legal entities in almost all sectors, therefore we know the latest trends in various markets and can help you implement the insurance program that is most characteristic of your market and will be in demand by your compan