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Кто мы?

Risk&Life Consulting — insurance broker working in the insurance market of Ukraine since July 6, 2009.

We are a Ukrainian local broker, which gives us an advantage over international network brokers. We are quicker, more motivated, we know our Ukrainian market better and are able to adapt more quickly to its constant changes.

We are a universal broker and offer our customers the service of the entire line of insurance products.
The main principle of our work is to be responsible for all stages of the work, from the choice of an insurance company to the process of supporting contracts. Using our services, each Client is confident in the relevance, quality and reliability of the insurance services that he uses.

We carefully approach the choice of insurance service providers – after all, we work with them during the validity of the concluded insurance contracts. It is precisely because of our involvement in the process that some Clients call us “their insurance company”, not paying attention to the logos in insurance contracts.

Everyone knows: if the contract is concluded and maintained by Risk & Life Consulting, it is a guarantee of a quality contract, impeccable accompaniment and quick resolution of emerging issues.

We monitor the insurance market on an ongoing basis, which allows us to provide our Clients with the latest and most current information about the state of the insurance market, its trends, the emergence of new insurance products and technologies.

In our analytics, we use both official open sources and insider information, which often shows trends in the near future.

We carefully monitor the corporate news of insurance companies, the personalities of the insurance market, the movement of personnel in the market, especially the management team. All this information becomes available to our Clients, which allows them to make more informed and reasoned decisions.

We are proud of our team. Indeed, in the service market, the quality of human communication is in the first place. We attach great importance to this factor; our personnel periodically undergo trainings in both communication skills and highly specialized product trainings aimed at improving the level of professional knowledge.

Join us and you to our team.
We are looking forward to our cooperation!

Our team

One of the most important secrets of our company’s success is our team.

Since we work in the service sector, we are in constant communication with our customers, suppliers and partners. And the success of this or that project depends on how much our staff knows how to hear those with whom they are talking, to correctly formulate tasks for both themselves and the interlocutors.

We are proud that we were able to collect and retain the most talented, professional and creative employees in our market. Each of us is a highly professional specialist. We know not only insurance in the smallest details, but also know how to apply our knowledge in practice, depending on the type of insurance.

In addition, knowledge of business etiquette, general principles of office work and communication rules is mandatory when working with clients.