How to choose a broker? - Risk&Life Consulting

Another selection problem that has appeared recently is how not to make a mistake with the choice of an insurance intermediary?

Our company quite often participates in tenders for the selection of an insurance intermediary, and we often ask ourselves by what criteria do us choose? What can distinguish us from a number of similar companies in the market and show potential customers all the advantages of working with us? Communicating with our existing Clients, we know that this problem of choice is really a problem.

According to our observations, subjective factors prevail in most tenders to choose a broker. Based on recommendations from colleagues in the market, from existing clients of this broker, guided by the rules of elementary logic and their inner feeling, customers choose a broker based on a combination of subjective factors.

Therefore, to facilitate your task, we can give the following recommendations:

  1. Look at the brokerage portfolio of customers.
  2. Read his site
  3. Find out how deeply the broker understands the type of insurance you need.
  4. Find out how much the broker knows the insurance market for the right type of insurance, how much he understands your questions, how quickly he answers.
  5. Ask the broker to give you the opportunity to chat with his current clients for recommendations.
  6. And finally, evaluate the broker in terms of ordinary business rules: how does it communicate? What does it look like? How does it fulfill the promise? How do you keep the promised deadlines? How clear is the conversation?How it relates to you and your time, etc.

Good luck with your choice and let it be the right one!