Corporate fleet insurance - Risk&Life Consulting

At your request, the company's specialists develop insurance coverage that takes into account the specifics of the operation of vehicles as much as possible and includes the company's requirements for filling out insurance programs.

Corporate fleet insurance

In the insurance of corporate fleets, sometimes the important role is played not so much by the financial performance of the insurance company (although this is, of course, an important factor), but by understanding the process of resolving insurance events and correctly building business processes at all stages, from the work of technical assistance to the work of accounting. That is why, when choosing an insurance company, we recommend that our customers choose from truly “motor” insurance companies that have sufficient experience and have already had enough bumps in different situations. There are not many such insurance companies in our market, but they are. Unfortunately, IC ratings do not give an objective picture, therefore, you can choose them from the whole variety of insurance companies only empirically, having checked repeatedly on the insurance events that have occurred.

Our work as brokers is to:

  • Tendering, assistance in choosing an insurance company;
  • Analysis of the IC for the construction of business processes for the settlement;
  • Analysis of the insurance contract, its adjustment, conclusion
  • Document management during an insurance event, information support for the Client (driver)
  • Tracking the main stages of the settlement (examination, calculation of compensation)
  • Settlement of disputes, legal support

We are sure that choosing the right insurance company can avoid many problematic issues in the future. With our help, fleet insurance can be simple, affordable and without too much headache.