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Critical Health Insurance

One of the youngest types of insurance that appeared on the Ukrainian market at the end of 2017. But already liked by users of insurance services and (unfortunately) proved to be “in action”.

The essence of the insurance is as follows: if the insured person has a critical illness (most often it is about oncology, but also there are other critical illnesses in the list – heart attack, stroke, paralysis, etc.) the insurance company takes all the costs diagnosis and treatment of this disease. The insurance amounts that appear in insurance contracts are quite impressive – from 500 thousand UAH to 2 million Euros. There are minimum exceptions under the contract, so the insured clients have the confidence that if they have to face trouble, the insurance company will pay all the necessary expenses for successful treatment.

The most important factor is the price of the policy. Depending on the insurance plan, gender and age, the price can start from 1000 UAH per year per person. With maximum filling, the average price is in the range of 250-300 euros per year.

There are 2 providers of this type of insurance in Ukraine: Best Doctors (USA) and Madanes (Israel). Each of the providers works through various Ukrainian insurance companies.

You can develop an insurance plan for employees of your company and evaluate all the benefits by contacting the broker Risk & Life Consulting. Our experts will be able to conduct a tender or a market review for you, show possible offers and advise in terms of the pros and cons of each of them.