Benefits - Risk&Life Consulting

An insurance broker is more than an insurance service. Only an insurance broker can give you objective market information, without focusing on a particular insurance company. We are not associated with any of them, which is why we do not have “idols”, “sacred cows” and “immutable truths” in the insurance market. We know who and what is in this market, despite advertisements and marketing moves. Cooperation with a broker does not entail additional costs – their services are paid by the insurance company. It is not necessary to conduct multi-stage tenders themselves, taking away human and temporary resources. Most of the work we have already done, the information is constantly updated. Since we are a major partner for insurance companies, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the additional benefits and bonuses that are provided to all our Clients. We will help you understand all the intricacies, features and “pitfalls” of insurance quotes, insurance contracts and other insurance documentation. We will analyze the proposals from insurers and develop an action plan for the implementation of any additional options. You do not need to work with an entire staff of insurance companies. You will have one contact person with whom you will solve all issues related to insurance. Including during “non-working hours”. There is no need for you to re-examine the insurance market every year. All news and changes in this market are monitored by us on a daily basis. We are ready to share this information with you. You do not need to burden yourself with reading a huge mass of insurance contracts, insurance rules, etc. We have already read them more than once and we know all the subtleties. You do not need to look for “your” people in each of the insurance companies. We have already found them, they are ready to help you. Our key focus is corporate personnel insurance. This historically established specialization is our competitive advantage. We are proud that we understand these types of insurance better than our competitors.